Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to getting effective treatments and solutions in relation to Cosmetic Dentistry, Ethical Dental & Health Care can be considered the first choice. Cosmetic Dentistry refers to any dental procedure that helps in improving the unaesthetic or unappealing appearance of existing gums or teeth offering an overall bright and pleasant smile and look to the face of an individual. We are adept at making your teeth brighter for creating healthy, confident and brighter smile. The cosmetic dentistry procedure that we follow will give you a complete smile makeover. The introduction of new techniques and materials has made it possible for us to restore the natural appearances of our patients while helping in the change of undesirable features as well.

Procedures Involved in Cosmetic Dentistry

Gum pigmentation and teeth whitening or bleaching

Teeth straightening or orthodontics along with improvement of the facial appearance

Tooth jewellery or dental jewellery is a huge craze that helps in adding sparkle to original smile of the patients.

One of the greatest advantages of cosmetic dentistry is that it is of good help in producing the desired results. Previously, patients were satisfied with cracked, broken or chipped teeth but now they have the scope of getting them fixed with cosmetic dentistry. We are skilled in correcting almost all varieties of dental defects and even help in reducing the signs of aging.

Cosmetic Composite White Fillings

Health Programme aimed at kids and young people. This will include a dental check-up, diet advice and brushing advice.

Tooth Whitening

Your child will receive a complimentary goody bag containing tooth brush, paste and gifts.

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