Teeth Scaling

Teeth Scaling services are professionally offered at Ethical Dental & Healthcare in Noida. We suggest each and every individual to consider our teeth scaling services because we are quite good at cleaning the teeth and offering it a glow that you might have never thought of. It is important to note that we should clean our teeth after fixed intervals of time. This helps in the removal of food particles that get deposited between the gums and the teeth, external stains that do not get removed through brushing and tarter. Teeth scaling also helps in removing plaque and trapped food containing germs that can result in gum disease and tooth decay. Stains from tea, cigarettes, coffee and red wine can easily and effectively be cleaned through teeth scaling which involves the dentist polishing the teeth thoroughly.

Teeth scaling or dental scaling is a procedure where the hygienist or the dentist makes use of a hand-held tool or dental scaler for removing tartar and plaque gently from the tooth surface. The deposits are scraped off of the teeth carefully and suctioned and washed away with the use of an air water syringe. We at Ethical Dental & Healthcare have trained and experienced dentists who have the capability of offering top quality teeth scaling services.

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Your child will receive a complimentary goody bag containing tooth brush, paste and gifts.

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