Have a Beautiful Smile Avoiding Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Halitosis is referred as the Bad Breath is the symptom that is noticeably the unpleasant odor on exhaled breath. Whether you call it halitosis or bad breath, this unpleasant condition would definitely cause the embarrassment. Most of the people who are having the bad breath are not aware of the problem in their body so when you are concerned about the bad breath, then it is necessary to consult the dentist. In fact, the dentist could easily identify the symptom and cause due to the oral condition that develops the treatment plan for eliminating it.

Food that we eat also affects the exhaled air so that certain food like garlic and onions also make the big contribute of the objectionable breath odor. When we eat, the food will be absorbed in bloodstream then it will be transferred to lungs where they are expelled. To get rid of the odor temporarily, Brushing, Flossing as well as Mouthwash would be a great option. The odor or bad breath will continue until body eliminates food. Most of the Dieters also develop the unpleasant breath with the infrequent eating.

When you are not brushing or flossing daily then the particles of food would remain in your mouth with collecting the bacteria so it would automatically cause the bad breath. Unpleasant odor is caused by the food that is collected in between the teeth, around the gums as well as on the tongue can rot.

Dry Mouth or Xerostomia is also one of the causes for the Bad Breath. Xerostomia occurs when there is a less flow of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is most important to cleanse our mouth and for removing the particles causing the odor. Dry mouth can be caused by various medications, continuously breathing from mouth as well as salivary gland problems. When you are suffering from the dry mouth, the dentists prescribe the artificial saliva and they could also suggest the sugarless candy to increase the fluid intake.

When you are using the Tobacco, it would be the cause for the bad breath so you need to stay healthy with kicking the bad habits.

The Bad Breath could be the cause for the sign of medical disorder that includes respiratory tract infection, postnasal drip, chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, gastrointestinal disturbance, liver, kidney ailment or diabetes. When your dentist has determined about your mouth is quite healthy then you can referred the specialist to determine cause of bad breath or family doctor.

Maintaining the best oral health acts as the essential option for reducing the bad breath or bad breath treatment. Visiting the dentists regularly for checkup would be a great option for reducing the bad breath with the professional cleaning. When you are thinking about a way to control the bad breath then you can easily keep log on the list of foods that you eat along with the list of medications that you are taking. Of course, some of the medications play an important role in creating the mouth odor. Your dentist must have the clear information about your illness or surgery since last appointment.

To remove plaque and food debris, Brush twice a day using the fluoride toothpaste. Once a day, you can brush your tongue and use the floss or interdental cleaner for cleaning in between the teeth.

Nowadays there are many number of Mouthwashes are available but they are only cosmetic that does not give the long-lasting effect for your bad breath. When you are using the breath freshener for hiding the unpleasant mouth odor then it is necessary to consult the dentist. When you are in need of any kind of extra help for controlling the plaque then your dentist could recommend you to use the specialized antimicrobial mouth rinse. Fluoride mouth rinse could be used along with the flossing and brushing that would help you teeth to prevent decaying.