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A major complaint by most people with sensitive teeth is that how much they become more sensitive during the winter. The mixture of hot drinks along with cold air can lead to the worsening of symptoms. This discomfort can badly affect the everyday life of a person.

With the on-going stormy cold weather, here a person will be able to find some useful tips on dealing with teeth sensitivity during the winter season.

  • Brushing with sensitive toothpaste – Desensitizing toothpaste is useful as they block the pores where sensitivity can happen. There are various kinds of toothpaste available on the market that is useful for people with sensitive teeth. So, if a person brushes with these brushes twice daily, then they can get relief from their symptoms drastically. Also, rubbing few of these kinds of toothpaste on the sensitive areas during the entire day can aid people with their sensitivity problems.

  • Avoidance of cold or hot drinks and foods-Any brutal alteration in temperature can cause teeth sensitivity. So, people should avoid really cold or hot drinks as well as use lukewarm water while brushing.

  • Avoidance of acidic drinks -A major cause of tooth sensitivity is the softening or breakdown of teeth enamel. Acidic beverages are a real dangerous thing for the tooth. So, these acidic drinks must be avoided for ensuring no further damage is done to the tooth enamel.

  • Brushing with a soft toothbrush -Brushing violently is a major cause of teeth sensitivity. So, the usage of a soft bristled toothbrush can assist a person to be milder on their gums and teeth. An electric brush can be a very good option.

  • Usage of a mouth guard for the grinding of the teeth -There are many people who grind their tooth unknowingly. This grinding can cause friction that can worsen the teeth sensitivity. A mouth guard can be used for this purpose and prevent grinding during the night time.