Dental Implants in Noida

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a modern way for patients to replace teeth that look, feel and act as natural as possible. The precision engineering of titanium helps produce a tooth replacement solution unmatched in the industry today. In fact, it’s so realistic that many patients are shocked at how real their new smile appears!

Whereas dental bridges can last up to ten years or so, dental implants are made from titanium and integrate with the jawbone. Implant-supported teeth are longer lasting than standard bridges as they allow for a more stable foundation for your replacement tooth, meaning you avoid treatments that require regular maintenance over time. All in all, implants can make powerful replacements for your real teeth. Our team of technicians is constantly pushing boundaries by implementing pioneering technology to match your smile that sets us apart from the rest. We are best dental clinic for Dental Implant in Noida. By choosing Ethical Dental, you can get a brighter, more confident smile than ever before – guaranteed!

Dental Implants Cost in Noida

A dental implant treatment procedure in Noida would cost between range of 20,000/- to even 30,000/- for a single tooth implant procedure with the dental crown depending on the company the patient option for.