Dental invisible braces Invisalign.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are braces which do not have to be seen. Apart from the clear covers, these braces consist of wires that move teeth into place in an undetectable manner. Dentists use invisible braces on patients over the age of 12 and adults with minor irregularities. These changes occur after the set is placed on your teeth. It’s recommended you replace the set every two weeks and this will be sufficient to achieve optimum functionality and aesthetics of your teeth and molars. This orthodontic tool has been in use since 1998 by dentists and orthodontists all around the world, who have used it for more than 10 million people successfully. The costs for Invisalign change dependent on circumstance.

Now you can smile with the confidence of knowing exactly what’s about to happen upfront – even before the treatment begins! With unique advances in technology, our team custom tailors your treatment plan so that you know how your teeth will move and how long the process will take! Also, we’ll provide you with a powerful oral appliance using smart materials that helps us predict the repositioning of your teeth. This ensures we’re able to achieve predictable results as well as an accelerated treatment process most patients complete in weeks!

Invisible Braces Cost in Noida

Invisible Braces Charges Depending on the severity of the condition and company of the Invisalign provider it varies from ₹ 75000 to ₹ 3 Lakh