Teeth Scaling In Noida

Teeth Scaling

Scaling of teeth often occurs to deal with issues related to the patient’s gum disease or in case of excessive dental plaque build-up. Scaling is done when a dentist detects any signs of abnormality beneath the surface of your teeth.

Scaling is a common way to help prevent gum disease, one of the best reasons to get scaling in the first place. Dental scaling helps to prevent tooth loss and decay too! Additionally, it’s important for anyone who may be at risk for developing gingivitis or periodontal disease either because they smoke or drink a lot of coffee and tea daily (which can cause bleeding), or because they’ve experienced tooth trauma recently, or wear braces. Dr. VIkash’s Ethical Dental Clinic provides best teeth scaling, teeth Cleaning, teeth whitening and polishing service in Noida.

Teeth Scaling Cost in Noida

Teeth Scaling cost in Noida starts from ₹ 1500 to ₹ 3000 Depending upon Strain and Calculus (Complexity of Teeth Case)