Dr. Vikash Kumar

We believe that everyone can have a healthy smile for life and with our help it’s easier than you think! We are passionate about helping patients to live better quality lives thanks to good oral health.

Dr. Vikash Kumar (Dentist)

Complete Dental and Full Body Checkup

At Ethical Dental & Health Care, we have specialists, both dental (Endodontics, Maxillofacial, Orthodontics) and physicians (Pulmonologist, Medicine,etc.). We are strategically located at main road Sector 104, in front of Pathways School. We have easy accessibility from Noida, Greater Noida Expressway and Central Noida sectors 45, 46,47, 48, 82, 93A, 93B, 94, 99, 100, 104, 105, 110, 126, 128, 164.

We are changing the way people feel about the dentistry. We are proud to provide patients comprehensive technically driven dentistry in a truly and relaxed environment. Our dental clinic has been specially designed to create an atmosphere that is tranquil, comfortable and inviting. We are focusing on the quality treatment we provide out patients with a particular emphasis on personal attention.

We make our professional commitment to you as our guest, to listen your requirements so that we can provide comprehensive dental service to maintain and create a beautiful healthy smile. Introducing an innovative, scientifically proven and virtually pain free treatment option designed to give you beautiful new smile in just 24 hours. Ethical Dental & Health Care at Noida sector-104 has multiple MDS doctors for root canal, tooth replacement using dental implant treatment as an important part of aesthetic dentistry and dental health.

We specialized in revolutionary dental implant procedure that replaces lost or broken teeth, dentures, bridges and other dental attachments with new teeth – and it’s done in one day, all in an inviting and tranquil setting. No one wants to have missing teeth, gum problems, failing teeth, bad teeth or an unattractive smile. With Ethical Dental and Health Care, you are free from these oral health issues; you are free from removable, annoying, unpredictable and sometimes painful bridges and dentures. Now no more missing teeth, no more bridges and no more dentures! Introducing an innovative, scientifically proven and virtually pain free treatment package designed to give you a beautiful new smile in just 24 hours.

Apart from Dental treatment, we have well known MD physicians, Lungs and Chest Specialist OPD at our healthcare centre. In order to offer reasonable pathological services, we have tie up with most cost effective diagnostic service provider Niramaya.


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