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Know About Root Canal Treatment (RCT) V/S Dental Implant

Know About Root Canal Treatment (RCT) V/S Dental Implant

When your tooth gives you pain or has extensive decay, it may be recommended that you get a root canal or dental implant to fix the issue. Read to compare both of these options and find out which one you prefer.

In RCT, your dentist can save your tooth by removing the infected pulp and filling it with a replacement material. On the other hand, when a tooth cannot be saved, Dental Implant is also an option. An Implant requires removing your original tooth and installing a metal post in your jawbone. In both the cases, your dentist provides you with an artificial crown to restore the normal functions. Both Dental Implant and RCT are technique sensitive procedures. But, RCT requires less chair side time and sittings than installing an Implant.

Saving a natural tooth is the first priority in any dental treatment. In RCT, your natural tooth retained in your mouth and only the infected part is removed and restored with a filling material. The tooth is surrounded by the connective tissues and periodontal ligament and hence, it provides a better support to the jawbone and other surrounding structures.

Whereas, when a tooth can’t be saved, extraction is the last resort. The teeth next to the space left by the extracted or missing tooth will shift toward each other and try to fill the space. To stop other teeth from doing this a metal Implant is installed in the jaw bone. This metal post is not integrated with the surrounding periodontal ligaments and thus provides less support to the jaw bone than a natural tooth.

Both, RCT and Dental Implants are painless procedures due the advancements in technology. But, because of extraction in Implant procedure, recovery time is longer than an RCT. Due to several reasons like requirement of enough bone material and health issues, everyone is not eligible for a Dental Implant. Whereas, anyone can get an RCT done.

It better to have your tooth saved any day rather than an artificial metal post installed in your jaw bone. Dental Implants might mimic your original teeth but they are not.

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