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Know the Latest Advancements in Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Know the Latest Advancements in Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

The development of new tools and technologies for Endodontic Therapy has contributed to more predictable outcomes. At Ethical Dental Care, we provide an improved Root Canal Treatment with advanced Endodontic Instruments and enhanced Visualization for an improved diagnosis and treatment.


Advanced Nickel-Titanium Instruments: These are the files used for the removal of infected pulp.

  • These files are flexible, elastic and fracture resistant combined with unique blade and taper designs.
  • They provide improved shaping of root canal system while minimizing procedural errors.
  • They are capable of cleaning the infected root canal more smoothly and consistently.

APEX LOCATOR: The position of apical constriction is determined electronically and we are less likely to damage it by over-enlargement.

  • They overcome the problems with radiographs, because the apex locator is more accurate than radiographs.

ENDOMOTOR: Dental Endomotor is equipment intended to make the endodontic process simpler, as they enable mechanically driven files to be used.

  • The Endo motor allows the Endodontist to prepare the root canals with better speed and convenience.

ULTRASONIC IRRIGATION: Irrigation is a key part of successful root canal treatment.

  • The most important of which are to dissolve tissue and to have an antimicrobial effect.
  • The use of Ultrasonic Irrigation during the procedure results in improved canal cleanliness, better irrigant transfer to the canal system, soft tissue debridement, and removal of smear layer and bacteria.


  • They reflect light on the areas of mouth that are difficult to access during treatment.
  • Mirrors help prevent injury to the tongue and cheek during retraction.
  • Non-metal handles provide Anti-bacterial protection.

Magnification in Root Canal Treatment

The application of magnification devices in Endodontics is mainly meant for visual enhancement and improved efficiency.

At Ethical Dental Care we perform Microscopic Endodontics to enhance visualization,  to provide better and accurate results during the procedure.

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