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Ensure Healthy and Bright Smile with Dental Crown in Noida

Ensure Healthy and Bright Smile with Dental Crown in Noida

Do you want to restore your smile permanently? Do you need the best solution to eliminate damaged teeth? Of course, you can opt for a Dental crown in Noida to cover damaged teeth. It is the best dental Implant procedure to restore the function, normal shape, and tooth size. However, if you have discolored, damaged, or decayed teeth, you can face risk and be unable to speak with others. Therefore, you must immediately schedule an appointment with the dentist and get the treatment. Dr Vikas is a very skilled and Best dentist for Dental Implant in Noida

Importance of Dental Crown

The dentist checks the teeth’ condition and starts treatment as soon as possible. A dental crown acts as a fixed prosthetic device that wraps decayed, discolored, misaligned and cracked teeth. Dentist prefers Dental capping in Noida come with hard materials such as ceramic or porcelain. It matches the same color and shape as natural teeth. You can also opt for a crown made with other materials like stainless steel, metals, resin, and others based on your choice. 

dental Crown
dental Crown

Benefits of Dental Crown

It is an effective dental procedure to enhance oral health and eradicate cosmetic flaws in teeth. Cap is the best asset to:

  • Remove large or worn-out filling
  • Restore fractured or cracked teeth
  • Repair dental implants
  • Reshape teeth
  • Safeguard teeth after root canal
  • Boost the look and appearance of teeth
  • Manage damaged or cracked teeth together

People demand to utilize a crown for strong and durable and protect surrounding teeth.  

Myths about dental crowns:

Myth-1:  Is a dental crown beneficial for damaged or broken teeth?

Fact: The main reason for a dental crown is to remove damaged teeth. It is a popular method of restoration that caps cracked, decayed or broken teeth completely. 

Myth-2: Is a dental crown prone to stains?

Fact: No, a dental crown is highly resistant to stain than natural teeth. People gain huge benefits from professional teeth cleaning regularly.

Myth-3: How long does a dental crown last?

Fact: The lifespan of a crown is ten to fifteen years based on the type of material. Good dental hygiene habits, proper care, and routine dental check-up make crowns last longer.  

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